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High nation-geographic symmetrical close-up portrait shoot in green jungle of an expressive lizard, anamorphic lens, ultra realistic, hyper detailed, green-core, jungle-core –ar 16:9 –q 2 –v 5.1 –style raw

Mechanical robot of Icelandic ethinicity female balletcore tight full body cyberpunk neon purple warm glowing etheral –ar 9:16 –v 5.2 –style raw

Photography shot trough an outdoor window of a shop with neon sign lighting, window glares and reflections, depth of field, YouTube personality little “Tony Northrup” sitting at a table, portrait, kodak portra 800, 105 mm f1. 8 –ar 2:1 –v 5

British politician Boris Johnson in a pig outfit, sat at the centre of an ornate fancy table in the style of The Last Supper, with guests including Rupert Murdoch. Photorealistic –ar 3:1 –v 5.2

Realistic photo of a [young woman drinking tea with a bunny]::5 shot with a full frame camera equipped with 24mm F1.4 lens –ar 16:9

Real 35mm film photo of a huge city skyline with a [young woman]::2 in style of an old Soviet movie –ar 2:1

Portrait of a man in colourful ornate clothing, full body visible, holding a Leica M9 camera, shot on cinestill 800t 35mm film, with leica m9 Voigtländer 35mm classic, distopian lighting, key visual, character design, looking fierce into the camera, cinematic colorgrade, highly detailed fabric, subtle catchlight –q 2 –ar 3:2 –chaos 80